1911 9MM DBL Stack Advanced Armament DBL Stack


Built in collaboration with Advanced Armament Corporation, the new AAC Suppressor Ready pistol is one that you will cherish for a lifetime. This one is not just another pretty face in the crowd, but rather an all business gun that comes ready to use with or without an Advanced Armament Suppressor. A steel thread-protector comes standard to protect your barrel when the suppressor is not in use.

Available thru Nighthawk Custom, its Preferred Dealers or from Advanced Armament Corporation, this custom handgun is loaded with proprietary features. The first to catch your eye will be the lightening cuts on the top of the slide, mainspring housing and front strap that match the Advanced Armament 4-2000 suppressor. As you can see from the pictures, it makes for a very attractive firearm.

The slide sports new Heinie Ledge StraightEight Suppressor Sights which we are only vailable thru Nighthawk Custom. These ights are designed to give you a complete ight picture over the top of the suppressor. he distinct “ledge” rear sight allows you to ock the weapon off of a hard surface if neded.

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