BATTLEARMS™ AR15/M16 Enhanced Bolt Catch – Investment Cast


BAD-EBC-IC Cast Enhanced Bolt Catch 

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The Battle arms development EBC (enhanced bolt catch) was designed to be a drop-in upgrade to the existing MIL-SPEC bolt catch. Due to the design of this bolt catch, it provides not only a better purchase on the release portion but the lock portion of the catch as well. This makes reloading the gun from bolt lock much faster and locking the bolt to the rear much eaisier. The BAD-EBC-IC is also skeletonized to reduce weight and remove material not needed.

  • Weight 0.39oz
  • Compatible with Norgon Ambi-Catch Without Interference
  • Raised “T-Shaped” Heel Provides Positive and Distinctive Control Surface for Bolt Lock Back
  • Bold Horizontal and Diagonal Serrations Provides Positive Purchase
  • 8620 Heat Treated Cast Steel
  • Black Phosphate Finish
  • With this upgrade you have a versatile modular design, enhanced control surfaces, lightweight engineering, and better ergonomics.


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